Uncharted Tea specializes in handcrafted Bubble Tea that is brewed fresh every cup. A selection of fresh brewed Hot tea, Premium Chai, Standard Co. Toast, and Ice Cream Mochi gives you even more to discover. We use local and premium sourced ingredients and strive to be environmentally friendly. Our shop welcomes you into a warm, open space with comfortable seating to relax and gather. Our centralized location is easy to walk to and is close to other popular destinations.

We are open everyday from 8am to 8pm at 662 Congress Street in Portland Maine.


We always brew every cup fresh just for you. Customize it exactly how you would like it, or select from one of our many favorites to keep it simple. 


​Our space is your space. An open concept design breaks our division with you. From soft seating to a large table, we have many spaces for you.


The George S. Hunt Block at 660 Congress Street is a designated landmark in one of Maine’s national historic districts.

Photo: Robert Dietchler 

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